The principle

  • Open Pitlane is when drivers can go out to the track as and when they like rather than in a dedicated time slot.
  • Maximum 80 cars are allowed on the day.
  • The track is open from 9am to 12am and from 1pm to 6pm without interruption.
  • Each driver can use the track as long as they wish.

Eligible Cars

  • Oldtimer classic cars and modern cars are accepted. Road cars and competition cars are accepted.
  • " Open wheels " Formula - Single seater cars are not accepted.
  • Please note that the following vehicles are not allowed : monospace, SUV, motorhome, van, vehicles with less than four wheels.
  • All road legal tyres are accepted. Vehicles should only run slick tyres if they are fitted with suitable roll-over protection.
  • Each car must have a towing-eye.
  • The speed limit in the Pit Lane and Paddocks is of a maximum of 30km/h.
  • It is strictly prohibited from using the track in the opposite direction or to reverse on the track.
  • A race number will be displayed on the right front door of the car to allow access to the track.
  • The organizer reserves the right to refuse access to the track of a vehicle which would not provide the minimum safety standards.

Maximum sound level permitted

  • On the track, the maximum sound level permitted per car is 103 dB, measured at 15m from the centreline of the track.

Drivers and passengers

  • Only 1 passenger is allowed per car, under the full responsability of the driver. Passengers must be 18 years or over.
  • To access the track, each driver / passenger must wear a crash helmet.
  • A driver whose car has technical problems on the track must wait behind the safety rail for the intervention safety vehicle.
  • Each driver must sign a waiver of appeal for himself and his passengers and will receive a wristband to access the track as well as a briefing summarizing the main principles of safety on the track (entry / exit pit lane, flags, ... )

Entry Fee

  • Entry fee is 650 euros per car (all taxes included) and includes : 4 driver wristbands + 1 place for the car in a F1 box.
  • Passengers are free of charge (Only 1 passenger is allowed per car)
  • The teams that register 5 or more cars are invited to contact us.

Registrations are received through our online booking form.


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